Dilys Lloyd and Morgan Lloyd M.B.E. were prominent in the musical life of Swansea and were known throughout the Principality.  Dilys Lloyd was organist at St. Mary's for 16 years while Morgan Lloyd founded his orchestra in the twenties which in 1970 became the Swansea City Orchestra.  The design therefore conveys the importance of the couple as musicians and contributors to the cultural life of Wales.


The right hand light depicts Saint Cecilia as a demi figure playing a small pipe organ to represent Dilys Lloyd's achievements as organist at Saint Mary's.  The left hand light refers to the founding of the Morgan Lloyd Orchestra with a grouping of instruments, including the violin, trumpet and harp, set around the Heraldic Shield of the City of Swansea.  The Eisteddfod is represented by a garland of daffodils.  The cinquefoil tracery shows two interlocking circles of roses and poinsettias to symbolise their colourful and happy marriage together with the initial "D" and "M".


Dedicated October 1994


Window designer: Colwyn Morris
Glantawe Studios, Morriston, Swansea