The Friends of Swansea St Mary



President :  The Bishop of Swansea & Brecon

Helping to promote and stimulate interest in the history, work and life of the Collegiate and Civic Church.  Becoming a Friend is not only about conserving a beautiful building, it's about establishing a community, forming lasting relationships and enjoying events together.  We hope you’ll join. Members will receive a Bi-Annual newsletter as well as invitations to events.


The ‘Friends’ were inaugurated in 1981 and since then have worked to foster the fellowship of the church by raising funds to improve the fabric of the church and enhance its mission. By joining the ‘Friends’ you can be involved in maintaining and enhancing the fabric and worship of St Mary’s Church, Swansea. We hope that ‘Friends’ from near and far will want to be involved.

St Mary’s Church is the fifth, or perhaps even the sixth church to stand on this site. Closely linked throughout its history with the town which grew around its market, castle and port, St Mary’s suffered the same fate as the rest of the town centre when it was razed to the ground in the blitz which lasted for three nights in Swansea in February 1941. The new St Mary’s rose from the rubble and was re-consecrated in 1959, a symbol of the rebirth and renewal of Swansea. With its imposing tower and peal of bells, with its light, spacious interior and fine stained glass and with its first class organ, St Mary’s is home to a congregation worshipping in the heart of the city. As the Parish Church of Swansea it has close links with the city it seeks to serve and hosts many large civic gatherings. A beating heart at the centre of the city, prayer is offered daily and local people and visitors from afar find here a place of welcome, renewal and refreshment. 


What the Friends have done

The ‘Friends’ have, over the years, raised many thousands of pounds through a combination of events and the generosity of ‘Friends’ and contributed to projects such as :

Refurbishment of west end kitchen                Music for the Choir

Millennium Altar                                          Information booklets

Stacking chairs                                             Sound system

New service books                                         Photocopier

Votive Stand                                                 Altar frontal

The ‘Friends’ have also stocked the shop at the back of the church which is well supported by visitors

Joining options

1)      Annual Membership   £5 (minimum)

2)      Junior  £3 (under 16)

3)      Corporate Membership  £25 (minimum annually)

4)      Life Membership  £50


If you’d like to become a Friend or purchase membership for someone else please complete and return the application form which you may download by clicking on the link "Application Form".  We would really appreciate your support.  Alternatively you may subscribe by standing order using the link "Standing Order Mandate".

Registered Charity No. 513022