The window is a memorial to Helyn Mary Rose who died aged 22 years on St Valentine's day 1991.


The left hand light depicts St. Valentine who was known to be a priest and a "chaste man" and was martyred on the 14th of February 290AD.  The celebration of St. Valentine's day derives from the legend that goes back to mediaeval times, that birds paired off on this date, hence the romantic origins of this day.  The saint holds a martyr' crown flanked by two birds.


In the right hand light are depicted some of Helyn's many interests including the wild flowers that she loved such as the wild rose, cornflowers, daisies, pinks and poppies.  Her musical talents, her singing and playing, is represented by the double bass.  Further motifs reflect her love of Gower, the sea and involvement in sailing and swimming and also her great interest involving crossword puzzles.  She was awarded a Posthumous Degree in Chemical Engineering at Surrey University, the University colours being depicted on the sail of the yacht.


Helen was known as "H" to her friends and her initial is shown in the tracery within a circle, the symbol of the spirit, and entwined behind the letter form a pair of diving swallows representing her free spirit.


Dedicated December 1994


Window designer: Colwyn Morris
Glantawe Studios, Morriston, Swansea