Award of a grant from the Linbury Trust

We are pleased to announce that St Mary’s Church has received a grant of £500 from the Linbury Trust as part of the Friends of Cathedral Music and Cathedral Music Trust’s Cathedral Choirs’ Emergency Fund.  This grant is timely in its appearance and as it will allow continuity for our choral scholarship programme across the 2020-2021 academic year.  When finance is under extreme pressure, this grant is extremely welcome, alongside which, we remain grateful to the continuing match-funding partnership between St Mary’s Church, Swansea University, and the Swansea St Mary Choral Trust. 

Responding to this welcome news, Dr William Reynolds (Director of Music at St Mary’s), commented: ‘It is most uplifting when external organisations of national standing such as the Linbury Trust demonstrate through financial support an appreciation of the quality of musical training and opportunities available at St Mary’s and the potential, effort and commitment of our young singers.’

The Linbury Trust is a UK-based grant-making foundation, funding projects about culture, social welfare and the environment, and is part of the wider Sainsbury Family Trust network.

Cathedral Music Trust is a voice for cathedral music, upholding this integral part of the nation’s cultural heritage by campaigning on behalf of cathedral music and musicians, supporting choirs and choristers in need, and encouraging the pursuit of excellence in choral and organ music.