The Collegiate Church of St Mary, Swansea

Music List

September 2023


Sunday 3rd September     The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity               (No Choir)

11.00am Holy Eucharist

Johann Jakob Froberger          Toccata II                                                        Hymns: 380, 582, 418, 438

Johann Jakob Froberger          Toccata VI

Flor Peeters                             Festival Voluntary


4.00pm Evensong

Johann Jakob Froberger          Toccata III                                                       Psalm 105, 1-15

Canticles Set A                                                                                                            Hymns: 401, 430

Flor Peeters                             Postludium


Tuesday 5th September

1.10pm Summer Organ Series: Nigel Davies

5.30pm Evening Prayer(said)



Sunday 10th September  The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity             (Choir Term begins)

11.00am Choral Eucharist

Johann Jakob Froberger          Toccata IV                                                       Hymn: 334, 492, 324, 571

William Mathias                     Series 3Communion                                        Psalm 119, 33-40

Thomas Attwood                     Teach me, O Lord the way of thy statutes

Gordon Jacob                          Festal Flourish


4.00pm Choral Evensong

Samuel Wesley                       Larghetto, from Voluntary, Opus 6 No9         Hymns: 608, 20

Thomas Tallis Responses                                                                                Psalm 108

William Harris In A

Samuel Sebastian Wesley       Lead me, Lord

Samuel Wesley                       Moderato, from Voluntary, Opus 6 No 9


Tuesday 12th September

1.10pm Summer Organ Series: Huw Tregelles Williams

5.30pm Evening Prayer (said)



Sunday 17th September              The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity

11.00am Choral Eucharist

André Fleury               Préludeàl’Introit                                              Hymn: 250 (omit 5&6), 428, 308 (ii), 496

John Richards in E minor                                                                    Psalm 103, 8-13

Richard Farrant           Lord, for thy tender mercy’s sake

Norman Gilbert           Epilogue


4.00pm Choral Evensong

Ralph Vaughan Williams        Prelude on ‘Rhosymedre’                   Hymns: 456, 607

Philip Radcliffe Responses                                                                              Psalm 119, 41-48

Charles Villiers Stanford in C

Richard Lloyd              View me, Lord, a work of thine

William Mathias         Processional


Tuesday 19th September

5.30pm Evensong

Dietrich Buxtehude     Ein feste Burg istunser Gott, BuxWV 184                   Psalm 33

Canticles Set B                                                                                                            Hymn 423

Gustav Merkel                        Ein feste Burg istunser Gott



Sunday 24th September              The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity

11.00am Choral Eucharist

George Dyson             Voluntary in D                                                             Hymn: 502, 583, 557, 429

James Macmillan        St Anne’s Mass                                                            Psalm 145, 1-8

John Rutter                  God be in my head

Healey Willan             Postlude in D


4.00pm Choral Evensong

Richard Ayleward Responses                                                                          Hymns: 523, 212

Derek Holman in F minor                                                                               Psalm 119, 121-128

William Deane                        The grace of our Lord

David Terry                 Prelude on ‘Angel voices’


Tuesday 26th September

Church closed today for planned maintenance work