Grant O God, that while set within a city centre,
this church may itself be as a city set upon a hill,
a witness to your love for all, a powerhouse of prayer
and a reminder of your constant help to all
who value the purpose of the gospel.

Here may all who enter as the tempted find courage
and may the sorrowful be given comfort. Here within
her walls may the aged find strength and
consolation and the young be inspired.

Show your mercy upon us and, as in ages past,
enable us to demonstrate for today’s generation
the spirit of true forgiveness and a deeper joy,
worthy of the name of Jesus Christ.

(Adapted from an original prayer by Bishop Maurice A.P. Wood)

(A prayer said by many people world-wide at mid-day,
or which can be said at any other time.)

Lead me from death to life,
from falsehood to truth;
Lead me from despair to hope,
from fear to trust;
Lead me from hate to love,
from war to peace.
Let peace fill my heart,
our world,
the universe;
through Jesus, the Lord.


 Heavenly Father you have called us in the Body of your Son Jesus Christ
to continue his work of reconciliation and reveal you to humankind.
Forgive us the sins which tear us apart:
 give us the courage to overcome our fears
and to seek that unity which is your gift and will;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

O God of unchangeable power and eternal light, look favourably on your whole Church, that wonderful and sacred mystery; and by the peaceful operation of your providence carry out the work of our salvation. And let the whole world feel and see that things which were cast down are being raised up, and things that had grown old are being made new, and all things are returning to perfection through him from whom they took their origin, even Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.   (Gelasian Sacramentary, 7th Century)


A Prayer for the City and County of Swansea

O God our Father,
send down upon those who hold office
in the City and County of Swansea
the spirit of wisdom, charity and justice,
that with steadfast purpose they may give faithful service
in promoting the well being of all people;
and to all who live in this City and County
give the will to serve each other’s need
and to seek the common good,
that together we may build communities of love
where we may live in harmony, joy and peace.
This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.