Photographs, Pictures and Stained Glass

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The Church and its environments
St Mary's, Swansea City Centre  2. Swansea City, Bay and St Mary's  3. Outside view of St Mary's
Church Tower  5
. Nave  6. The Sanctuary  7. Altar Frontal (Margaret Kaye)  8.  New Altar Frontal
9. Trinity Chapel  10. The Organ

Pictures and Icons
Mother and Child by Alfred Janes  2. Madonna and Christ Child by Sassaferrato
3. Icon of the Saviour  4. Icon of the Swansea Mother of God Hodegetria
5.  'Deposition' by Ceri Richards

Stained Glass Windows
1. Millennium Window 
 2. Baptistry Window   3. Piper Window
4. Helyn Mary Rose Window  5.  Dilys and Morgan Lloyd Window